Thailand to transform EEC into a world-class smart city by 2037


The government plans to transform the Eastern Economic Corridor (ECC) into a regional financial center and create a world-class smart city by 2037

According to Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek, the government intends to invest 1.35 trillion baht to develop the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), which covers three provinces – Chonburi, Rayong, and Chachoengsao – into a regional financial center and build a smart city in the region.

The plan will be divided into two phases, with the first ten years focusing on developing the financial area, public and private offices, as well as medical and educational facilities. The second phase will prioritize the establishment of a smart city by 2037 to serve as a model for the development of smart cities across the country.

The government spokesperson stated that the ECC smart city in line with the government’s objectives will be recognized for its innovative technological system which covers mobility, energy, environment, living, people, economy, and governance. By 2032, the city is estimated to have 350,000 residents and to create approximately 200,000 new jobs.

The spokesperson added that the majority of the 1.35 trillion baht investment, amounting to 1.18 trillion or 87.5%, will come from the private sector. The Thai government will contribute 37.6 billion (2.8%), and the remaining 131.1 billion (9.7%) will come from state enterprises or joint ventures between the public and private sectors. The 1.35 trillion baht investment is expected to increase gross domestic product by 2 trillion baht within ten years.


Source: Pattaya mail