Move In / Out Schedule

All the exhibiting information to get you prepared and ready for Secutech Thailand

Show Schedule

  Date Time
Opening Ceremony October 30 10:00-11:00
Opening hours October 30 - November 1 10:00-18:00

* Please note that exhibitors will have access to the hall one hour before and after opening hours to service their stands.

Set-up & Dismantling

Tentative schedule for set-up and dismantling is as below, subject to change.

Exhibitor Check-In

Date Time Description
October 29 10:00-17:00 Exhibitors may claim their badges at the check-in counter.

Move-In Schedule

Date Time Description
October 28 0800-22:00 Move-in of official contractor
13:00-22:00 Move-in of special design, approved stand contractors, other contractors
October 28
October 29 08:00-22:00  Move-In ALL booth exhibitors

Move-Out Schedule

Date Time Description
November 1 19:00-24:00 Move out of exhibits and stands * earliest to leave by 17:00
20:00 Switching off the power supply and dismantling electric equipment
20:30-24:00 Move out of heavy and/or large exhibits, stand fitting materials
24:00 Hall closes

Please note:

1. Air-conditioned equipment is only supplied during the show days (TBA).
2. Visitor registration counter will be closed 30 mins before the show closing hours.
3. All exhibitors are strictly prohibited to move-out before (TBA). Exhibitors must be present during dismantling.
4.  Person under the age of 18 is NOT allowed to enter the exhibition hall nor be booth attendant.
5. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to the Fair of any visitors, exhibitors or their agents who are at the absolute discretion regarded as in any way likely to create disturbance or discomfort to the Fair
6. The organiser will provide the construction schedule for each exhibitor on move-in day (TBA).
   Please be sure to follow the regulations.
7. The organiser reserves the right to renew the schedule and contents above.
   Please take notice of the emails/ letters from the organiser and keep updated with Secutech website.