SMALiving Thailand

Thailand’s increase emphasis in automation and connectivity for residential sector brings new technologies to home owners while aging population raises the demand for better assisted living environment.

Demand for better quality of life

  • Upper-end condominiums are seeing an increase of home automation technologies
  • Smart home devices are not just for luxury homes as it becomes more affordable for mid-tier households as well
  • 20 percent of Thailand’s population is expected to be 60 and over by 2022. Developments are being planned for the aging population to bring a high level of senior care to the country.

SMALiving Thailand

By bringing products and solutions in the smart home and assisted living industry, SMALiving will be connecting technology developers and distributors with the industry professionals in Thailand.

2021 Product Groups

SMALiving product group 2019

Supporters engagement:

  • VIP tour matching and 1-on-1 business matching
  • Co-organising onsite seminar programmes to gather members from the association
  • Training session and association annual meeting at Secutech Thailand to connect association members with international and local professionals

Targeting associations and supporters

  • Hotel & Buildings Chief Engineering's Club (HBCE)
  • Hotel Security Association (HOSAT)
  • Housing Business Association (HBA)
  • National Housing Authority (NHA)
  • Thai Real Estate Association